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Sunday, 17 May 2009
♥; Hellowww
LOL. i am soo silly. How in the earth did i Not know that Majolica is available in Watsons huh? I was, as usual.. admiring Fuz's looks, and fantasizing(lol) about the lash expander frame plus. I kept thinking it was expensive. but somewhere in the middle i read that it was cheap in Malaysia! Quickly googled again.-------> Rm 53.90 , available from Watsons -.-''
So says koibito's pal too. And and.. im finally getting the L'egere multi white bb cream! haha. hope it'll turn out to be a HG and not a disappointment.

I was reading comments in someone's blog a few days ago. and there was this racist joke wtf. It went something like this:

Did u hear about the black guy who stuck his head out of the car window at 200mph and his lips beat him to death.

HAHAHAH. funny rite?? !

p/s: i am not happy at all despite the tag. HMPH. i am trying my best to be a good one. and i realise i Always succumb wtf. and and.. and.. the prince charming suddenly retorted ( is this even the right word wtf) back to the rat... FML ;_;

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