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Wednesday, 20 May 2009
♥; GNI (Girly Night In)
Hellow again!

I had a great night yesterday. I went out with Peizz who just got back from Sg to have a catch up.
It was really great, she's one of those people that really lends a listening ear,gives great advice, and doesn't make hasty judgements on something. Going out with her was a breath of fresh air~

When she sent me home,we were outside my house talking bout makeup and stuff.. and we had this oh so random idea to have a photoshoot wtf. We've been talking about taking nice pictures for so sooo long but never got around to it.Lol so yeaa.finally!

It would've been better if we had better lighting (like the natural sun) but since it was so random, we were confined to my cluttered room lol. She asked me to choose an outfit and the makeup will go from there. I chose a nude coloured dress and she went on and tried to do the baby doll look for me (doll i am not) with the nude lips and all lol.

And the hair! serz, she whipped it up in like less than 5 minutes... without any hair products whatever<3.>
Altho i tried my best to do certain expressions.. most of em turned out angry looking.. HAHA. like an angry fairy..

Me with my make-up artist cum hair stylist cum photographer


i love u

I edited the lighting of the pics myself. Am still waiting for Peiz to send me her edited photos.. :)


Oh... i tried the gorgeous wing mascara already. Thumbs down. It seems diluted and i had to put several coatings for it to look DECENTLY thick. Like, 5 coatings of GLW mascara = 1 swap of normal mascara :(:(

One good thing though, it's very light weight hence it doesn't weigh my your lashes. The curls stay the same. But its very very hard to remove! LOL

ToOdles :)

yours truly


15:17 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com