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Tuesday, 26 May 2009
♥; Girls and Age
Good afternooonn~~

I'm in a flowery mood..despite the fact that i should be having my menses and it haven't come yet.
My boobs ache, i've had emotional lashes at ppl (lol), and a REcurrent pimple. hello blood??

Yesterday my relative (popo) from Miri and a another family friend popo from Miri came over to.... have a sleepover. lol!
They, with my aunt and popo played those card games (car, bomb, horse..hahah that one) and had a girly session altogether.
Today, another two aunties came for a girly tea session. So altogether, there are 3 popos and 3 aunties there chit-chating about love life, old times, handy tips, other people (gossip!), own family..etc etc.

I remember the day with the girls in Miri, we were sitting beside a desk of middle aged women, and were kinda traumatized by the fact that one day we would become aunties, and like them wtf.

But come to think of it, isn't that a HUGE accomplishment per se? I mean, getting to live that long is already an achievement, with our lifestyle now. And.. having your own family.. sons..daughters.. Grandsons. granddaughters.., and having the skills to MANAGE your family; that, at that my current stage now.. is unbelievable..Honestly speaking, if i had a daughter or granddaughter like yours truly here, i would puke blood everyday wtf.

A big clap to all the aunties and popos. I salute u :)

15:34 Shimmerloved

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