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Tuesday, 19 May 2009
♥; GDO
Yesterday, we had a girls' day out! Me, brabra, kak, ting, and chien. Missing mam though cuz she had to work. We had an extreeemely girly day wtf and it was fun!

First we went shopping. at Parkson.. so cliche haha. mm. The FIRST thing on my mind was the Majolica frame plus mascara.. but..... to my avail... they only had the old ones..like lash gorgeous wing, and lash enamel etc... T T.
Anywayyy. i still bought it la, the lash gorgeous wing; have yet to use it though. will try it out very soon. => Also bought the Dior Addict ultra gloss reflect in ...hm.. doesnt say on the tube. well some kinda plasticy pink. Initially wanted to buy the Rafia orange, cuz it looks soo good on Fuz lol but settled with this instead.

After shopping we decided to go feel feel at the beach. We were on the way to Marina bay/beach i forgot and passed by this cemetery. Just beside it was a school haha and someone asked

"Why the fen muk so little one?".
Ting's answer was " Cuz its for the principals"

Hahahaha!! farnee no?!

*Cough, anyway... the beach was Really nice and we decided to be more feel and ordered some chilled beahhh..

After that, we went for some mane therapy. The washer boy's massage was the shiznit i tell you. Koibito's is not too bad either la haha.
I ended up with sleek smuuth seelky hair that i love, cuz he actually managed to blow dry my fringe right. haha.

After that, we went back to Kb for dinner at the stalls and that was the best too.=>
When i got home i was presented with yet another surprise....... a new maid wtf! =D Having a new maid sure beats having no maid of course, but i reallly have a phobia after the old fat ass which i Despised!! (she's dirty, lazy, steals, and extreeemely good at lying).

I still insist you should never be too good to a person in the initial stages when you are in the superordinate postion* Nuff said.
Ofcourse by that i don't mean to treat them bad either. I just cleaned Both the fridge together with the new maid (Makita , Mahati, Mahathir??). They're soo clean now haha. *happy tone.

I hope she closes her door tonight. I have a habit of scuttlin around my living room in the middle of the night in search of food and some late night tv lol. Yesterday the clock struck 12 and the rat was about to start the party but yeh... her door was open. Was afraid to switch the lights on or be too loud in case i woke her up. I wanted to have my nightly dose of supplements but without the darn lights I overpoured the cursed thing and left a trail of sticky orange liquid on my floor. T T

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