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Wednesday, 13 May 2009
♥; Exams :)
YAY!!! had my last day of exams today... ok. yesterday, since it's already tomorrow now wtf.
i have an oral test and a written test for japanese on friday and saturday, but my mind is at peace now:)

The past few days, well, come to think of it, weren't as bad as i thought, i actually enjoy studying during exams.. everything seems to kick in, it's just that stupid PRE-exams stress that drugs me. As usual, i would procrastinate till i'm brave enough to face it, which is, during the exam week, and way too late. Only THEN, i'd suddenly figure out it's all not so bad. But wait!! There's 10hours left till the exam! and i haven't slept! and I Am a self-professed pig..And so, through the week of exams i go through an ironic cycle of panicking... calming down.... panicking summore...
How remorseful. and to think this happens everytime.

Not to mention an unhanded OOA/FA assignment cuz it was only halfway done when the deadline was up and i was scrutinizing it, thinking that it's not good enough, my usual demeanour.

Yeah i forgot the last phase of the cycle, you go into whiny fits of "if only......"
But nah, i'm not gonna do that. Maybe this is Me. I complain and whine, but it's part of who i am. Well, some people Do fare out better under pressured conditions. Ok ok. i do understand that i need to brush up in organising myself wtf cuz my so-called pressured conditions are seriously way under time constraint. But yea, for one, at least i know i've done better in handling myself for exams compared to last sem, and improvements is the way i seek to head godammit

oh yea.. haha.. I was studying inside the common room the other day with another malay gal that i didn't know. She went out for a while and came back with her mobile charger rite, then when she plugged it in and switched it on the godamn table starting vibrating non stop wtf. And i thought to myself, wah.. similan handphone so geng when charge will vibrate. And for so long sumore! If i knew her i'd ask her la but i just sneakily glanced at her a few times cuz i also didn't want her to catch me staring at her when she was flaunting her new generation vibrating charger wtf. At one point shortly before the vibration ceased, her phone rang this nokia theme tune, and she promptly pressed a button to make the tune stop. And i thought to myself again, phone vibrate so long don't see you kim to make it stop, now got a bit of sound then fast fast kim. Anyway, when the vibrating thing stopped i just continued my studying. and it's not after 20 Minutes later before i found out that i had a MISSED call from MY phone which was in SILENT MODE when it was buried underneath my mountain of paperwork! so it was actually MY phone all along that was making the vibrations. no wonder she looked peeved when she shut up her phone. HAHAHAH


01:52 Shimmerloved

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