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Friday, 29 May 2009
♥; :)

It's been a super fabulous amazing magnificent week..and it's only just friday! oh, did i mention i had a good week?

Went for aerobics the other day with cuzzy. The instructor really one flow... funny can?
" One, two, tree, pour, one, two, tree, pour, what's the next step???!!"

The next morning i went to gym and brought my own CD to play, there wasn't anyone there and i felt like i had my own work-out place wtf. The music was blasting, and i was sweating, and suddenly there was this " WHooose CD is thaht??"
Ok. blind also know it's him. He came over to ask me what's the name of the song; I told him.
"Ohhh..poker pace"


Hahahah. Anyways, he's so sweet and funny I just gave the cd to him!

Haish, but gym also no use. My dad went to buy ayamku when he picked me up and even though i *cough insisted that i didn't want any, buy he did! I gave him two side kicks for that.

Decided to go to the beach to feeel feeel for awhile. The lil ones followed me.. Mimi, Momo, Beeba (eva), and mimi's teenage kids *jokes (p/s: they have new super adorable fluffy puppies now who look JUST like Lele! RIP Lele)

"My" beach

Mimi, afraid of the water.(evirrl laugh)

Beeba wanted to follow me to the water too. he's a mix of Dalmation and St.Bernard and is the most linsi dog i have ever seen in my whole life. lolll.

afraid of water too! whimpers away..

ugly slippers. I broke mine one day when i was rushing to the Hall for an exam FML. and i was so closee too! Had to limp over with the grace of a turtle. When i finally reached the hall, i actually held my slippers in my hand and walked barefoot amidst hundreds of people to my seat wtf.

As koibito was indifferent to my misfortune, HIS own slipper broke when we were out shopping the other day. Helloww karma (evirrl dictatorish laugh).
Karma it is, lol, i laughed back at him and today, Tau accidently stepped on my other pair of slippers on the way to the beach and it snapped.

Morale of the story: Laugh at people at your own risk and slippers fail on you at the most inappropriate times.

Photo copyright of Peizz

<3 5.28.09 Dumpling Festival@ the beach <3

02:36 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com