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Thursday, 30 April 2009
♥; Benefit
why am i here ah? i should be reading about interlanguage, variability, Krashen's models, Contrastive Analysis. OOA, PA, Bilingualism in Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Malta, Luxembourg, code-mixing, code-switching, works on abstracts, research article reviews, japanese nouns verbs bla bla bla...and loadsss more.

and what am i doing now?? saddening. truly

Anyhoooss (sharp deviation from topic T3T)

Been wanting to get this for a long time

Benetint, for your bestest looking rose-coloured cheeks and lips.

Another wishlist item:

haha. the packaging might look weird to some of you. But i think its cute, and look at its functions!

The colorless, weightless balm goes on bare skin or glides over makeup to reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores while soaking up excess oil, giving you velvety matte skin! sounds Perfect. especially for the undereye area where concealer tends to be uneven on the undereye fine lines. saddening.

One of the benefit products i've used before is none other than She Laq. which used to be in my wishlist too. not anymore tho.


In the package, there are a range of mini brushes, including lip brush, mascara brush and all. Just dunk it in the magic She Laq potion, apply over your makeup, and ta-dah! Your makeup is WATERPROOF! Rofl.
I was like heaven-struck when i got to know of She laq. I've always had a problem with running eyeliners. saddening. especially with kohl pencils. Pierre got it from Aus, i think for around 50+ AUD..
Neways, She Laq wasnt much of a use.. it smells suspectingly like nail varnish, and it gives a slight tingle when i use it, especially on the lips. AND, my eyeliner still runs.

Manda's got the lemon-aid, something like a primer to cover up redness on your eyelids.

Don't know if it's this one or the other concealers, but yea, they Don't reallly work as good as i imagined. I forgot the undereye concealer's name, she has two colours, but both of em gives a whitish tinge on the undereye. Heaven Forbids! Maybe its because they're more suited for the angmoh type reddish undertone skin.

Currently using Beautymaker's aqua eye concealer.

The texture is quite good,creamy type. medium coverage. If you have strong under eye circles like me, i dont think that alone can help, you'd need something with a thicker consistency. Like MAC studio finish SPF 35 concealer, i "borrowed" it a few times from my sis.
(^.^) (reallly good coverage, becareful if you have dry skin tho.. the thick pasty texture may dry it up even more)

hope my Benetint and Doctor feelgood pass the test. Fingers crossed.

UPDATE: bought Posietint instead and loved the pink in it. Minus marks for the low quality packaging though. Tried generous amounts of doctor feelgood in Sephora. Was awed that it really did blur out fine lines on my hands but the second time i tried it didn't deliver *confused.
Solved my running eyeliner problem - use Gel liner or waterprood liquid liner :D


14:50 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com