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Thursday, 12 March 2009
♥; Tuesday to Today
Been really happy this week. Now i really believe in the PmS thing. I totally have symptoms before menstruation.. one of the worst ones being Non-Tolerant behaviour and a Crappy attitude towards things. lol

Well its all over now. And this week have been soooo good...This is the first time in weeks that im actually excited being in bandar. Altho watashino heya wa chisai desu..soshite... tokidoki atsui desu.. (fuck this formal jap lol) but i make give it My own flavour:). And this week the temperature in the room(which is always inconsistent) have been really cool. so cool that i had to switch the Fan power to 2 when i sleep.

I was nervous for the L.A presentation and the Bilingualism test on weds...I only started doing the presentation around 6am in the morning! and did not study for the test at ALL.. I didn't get Strucure Dependence and its relation to semantics and syntax at ALL>>>>but after sometime.. it really wasn't so hard to und at aLL.:) yes im using a lot of at alls:)

However...in the morning.. my partner sent me a text sayin she wasnt coming because she wasnt well...err...
In these situations. what u should know is to ZHAP SANG.

After successfully zhap sanging... i kept praying for the test to be really cancelled. Which it was! (big smile)
Mukul lectured about not being only an English expert. but a Language expert...
I cannot agree more.. whatever we talk about. the notion in our heads arent always that similar to the ones in the listener's mind...So we always have to be clear on things.

The Japanese Pop Culture week officially opened on Wednesday. SUGOI!! (my cohesion of topics = fail
Got to work together with Mizuho.. she's a really friendly and bubbly individual;>
Today.. there was this Cosplay and Fashion show(which i didnt join).
It's really ironic... on how bad i wanted to do fashion design before.. but...during the past few years, my inconsistency spread all over ... and got worse and worse.. even on things that i Love most. like dancing. Nowadays i don't really put much effort or passion into it anymore..sho sad.

For the fashion show, even though we're not in it, everyone's welcome to dress up i think.
As guessed, I didnt really put much deliberate thought onto my dressing... Wan even texted me to wear trendy and kawaii for the Origami workshop. But Really,kawaiiii, me? haha.

Really wish to go to the closing of the Pop culture week this Saturday, and to bjfa's 10th anniversary dinner at night at ICC. But can't make it :(
Oh well. hope Miri is really gonna be as good as it sounds. Kak's early bday celebration! Ting says she chien and I are goin to be single, and we're gonna have lotsa fun:p
Haven't really partied much nowadays ..looking forward to it. Good ol' days :)

Now, i so want to be in bandar..watch Gossip Girl.. do some of the P.A assignment.. etc etc..go to sleep early, and wake up the next day with NO CLASS therefore NO TIME PRESSURE.. and just go help out in the booths at the hall.

But here I am, back in kb, wishing to spend some time with koibito wa...but.. mmm...
Everyday i have so many things..funny..sad.. to tell koibito.. and everytime.. i dont know why.. it goes like this

21:59 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com