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Friday, 27 March 2009
♥; Feature article : GEEK is the new BITCH
If hatred could be expressed into a real, undisputed, solid state, i guess it could eat you up.

I hate the way you talk sif you know everything. When in fact, u know nothing.
Has anyone ever told you before? Know-it-all fakers go to hell??
I should send you to an etiquette school, where they'd teach you what NOT to say when speaking to people. Humour is appreciated. But bad, wry, sarcastic, OFFENSIVE "humour", espEcially in the totally wrong context is totally OFF.

People always complain about bitches. What's the first thing on your mind when i mention bitch?
Jock-ish, , pretty, uncensored-mouth beings?

I now officially present you with the NEW generation of BITCHES

They are none of the above, instead, they look like your typical girl next door. except maybe uglier. Oh.. buT.....they manipulate your feelings and emotions just like any other bully would.
Words sputtered out are all off, and out-of- context. Sarcastic and snide remarks make you wanna punch their lights out, and they brag about things that any other people wouldn't even mention, cuz its nothing to us. And when u keep quiet about something they have just commented on, they automatically asssummme u have no knowledge of it, and jeer at you. The most interesting part is, they're oblivious to it.

The new bitch are those people, where on the outside, would look oh-so-bland and harmless. But if you do interact with them frequently, u would be so pissed by how they act and treat you, and by normal standards, be pissed. Outside people would automatically assumme that you would be the bullier instead of the person being bullied when you couldn't stand it anymore and act out on them.

Now that, my friends, is the art of manipulation.

16:04 Shimmerloved

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