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Thursday, 11 December 2008
♥; Tattoo
I've always been interested in the tattoo culture, piercings, and the works. The first time i saw Miami Ink when it just premiered on tv, I was more than ever hooked on the notion of getting one because I was so fascinated by their professionalism and also the whole meaning behind a tatoo. Yes, i may be brash and random at times, but i Know getting a tattoo is nothing to play with.

We were at Boulevard in Miri and came across this booth doing temporary air brush tattoos. I got mine somewhere near the wrist area.. which is a spot i've always wanted, and apparently everyone who saw it thought it was the real deal. lol. i wish.

Places i wish to put a tattoo

1) my feet - not my ankle, cuz im big boned and it'll just make me look fat. Plus the feet is a rare area i presume. and it'll look oh so good in stappy footware, pumps, sandals, ANYTHING

2) As mentioned, my wrist. I know that's a way too over exposed spot. But i could cover it with a watch. haha

3) Anywhere near the proximity of the ear; behind the ear, on the lower part of ear i.e between the clench of the jawline and the nape of the head, and so on.

4) On my finger.

5) A half sleeve starting from the back of my shoulder. ( this IS just a wish list fyi) AND, it would definitely be a traditional japanese piece. I especially love cherry blossoms and japanese peonies and the likes. Lol, sometimes i wish I looked like a Tokidoki girl. damn. i love tokidoki.

I don't like tribal signs. Idk. I'm a traditional girl who loves a picture with a real essence to it, that u can truly appreciate. Not that tribal signs don't have that, it's just that it doesn't appeal to my taste, that's all.

A tattoo should always always be tastefully done. I really think it depends on how that person looks and his or her attitude. Some can pull it off, especially people with the IT attitude such as Kate Moss, Megan Fo, Maggie Q, Drew Barrymore, Angelina Jolie, Gwen Stefani.. (i'm just stating women that i look up to regardless if they have a tatoo or not)

This relates us to another topic. THE attitude. Not everyone can pull off THE attitude like the female figures above, but it really really irks me up to see girls who Overly act cute, in the the way they dress and present themselves. dammit.

Overteased hair, with a straight thick fringe that acts as a curtain over the eyes wtf, overdone big doe eyes, frilly pastel colourful bright outfits, supposedly kawaii poses when camwhoring.. using the big doe eyes as another means to act cute again, with the pucker of course, who can forget the pucker. oh and don't forget the "teh" voice.. oh the teh voice..

Ok i'm giving an EXtreme example here, not all the cute-wannabes look like that, but u get the idea. And if u happen to fall under that category AND is over the age of 20, u better get a hang of yourself sister.


02:34 Shimmerloved

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