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Tuesday, 2 December 2008
♥; Pigi la lu!

i love this class. ♥ NINI MU.
November 3rd to November 30th.
the lmao but nonetheless amusing lectures by none other , constant jeering, laughters, sigup breaks for him=coffee & snack & gossip breaks for us, shit moments.. ahhh..

Just an update. i DID NOT finish my friggin karangan. how could I? i think i have a serious time management issue. I also didn't finish my damn easy essay for language development.. and it's the FIRST time we've had a LD exam that's comprehendable! Same goes for sociolinguistics, as i mentioned before, only answered 3 essays out of 4. And for genre analysis. more l-mao. cheee.i really thought the paper would be as difficult as the sample exam paper he showed us. As always, i get really effed up whenever i encounter a difficult task, and i'll contemplate messing it up whenever it's too late to do nething bout it. who knows..T3T. it was an easy paper.. why why why.

Anyways, back to the citizenship test. all the stuff you would cramp all your brain juices out to memorise.. terasul, history, minister names, ganti diri for the royals, names of local fish, music instruments etc, peribahasa, pantun etc all DID NOT COME OUT. And i'm thankful to the authorities for that one. TQVM!

Anyhow, i really hope my measly 180 words can enable me a pass. please please please. I want to be a citizen of Brunei! I ♥ Brunei. Period. wth would i be here right now, all other matters aside. Hope my $1700 wont fly away. lol.

Skipped to random mode last night so i went browsing for bags.. Being
internet deprived really takes a toll on you! 7 hours straight online! Only after I decided on the bags, i found out .............. that they don't friggin ship outside the US! -.-
Coach Sabrina bag
Marc Jacobs clutch

Being stressed with academic stuffs really put me on the mood to splurge.but surprisingly , not to party, as i won't be able to go past my conscience on that one.

Lastly, i bloody lost my Fav dkny watch during one of the tuition sessions. I MISS MY BLACKIE.
PLeassseee come back to me.. i miss your black leather strap, black dial, circle of bling..

sniff. if someone would buy me a new one. lol

19:03 Shimmerloved

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