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Thursday, 4 December 2008
♥; Childhood
Creative Writing

As i stroll along the sandy beach, my foot hits upon a shoddily made sand castle. I bend down over it and tried to grace it with some sea shells. As i do so, a sense of nostalgia surges over me.

Going back thirteen years, the beach, which is just a stone's throw away from our house, was my most frequented place. Father would bring my sister and I for late afternoon walks there and we would end up all wet and mucky from making sand castles and fooling around in the salty waters. Those times were extremely carefree and joyous.

I was also that little girl living in a mystical world; most of which has been lost in the past now. I would princess up my vast collection of Barbies as I would to myself, and also spend hours drawing whatever thoughts, colours, sensations, and fragrances of my then experiences living in a big enchanted world.
I looked intently at the sky as the light of the setting sun suffused the clouds, making it a pretty russet. I take out a piece of paper from my beach bag and started portraying my view onto it. By visualizing my memories through my art, I relive that beautiful moment in time.

16:26 Shimmerloved

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