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Wednesday, 17 September 2008
♥; Work hard and Play hard
Public figures play an important part in society. that is why it's termed "public" figure.. Politicians.. movie stars.. singers..
now.. most of us oooh and ahh whenever we spot a juicy pic of a public figure. but hey.. to think realistically.. as in thinking in the Brunei context..how many of those pictures affect even minutely our society?? if Barack Obama was spotted kicking a dog in the arse, it would create a controversial debate on his morality or whatever..but. what the hey.. in Brunei. we'd gossip about it during limteh, talk cock...and then call it a day.
Now.. what if normal people like us do something silly.. and it got caught on camera. and the pictures get posted on social networking sites like friendster.. facebook..tagged.. and the likes?? I mean..I for one..like to post pictures of myself and friends in the said websites..fooling around.. emo-ing..vaining.. lols.. u name it.
It's fun sharing pics with friends and the world through theses utilities..however...what most people don't see is the dark side of putting personal photos on these sites, ESPECIALLY to people like teachers, principals, governtment officials, ppl in the corporate world etc.

People have been detained a merit, sacked, and reputation flushed down the drain when inappropriate photos of them ended up in the critical public domain.

Hey Kevin, Tinker Bell wants her outfit back

This guy here asked his boss at the bank (where he is working as an intern) if he could take time off for a family emergency, when he really went to a Halloween party.. dressed like.. erm..that. He posted the pics up to facebook. The boss found out about it and blind-copied it to the entire office!! anyways as u would guess he lost his internship and gained a 'reputation'. ( Source from: msn). Click here for more of these stories.

Well..the whole point here is.. I for one..would be a future "educational instructor" one day..haha yea.. fellow teacher la.. and a Teacher, mind you.. earns the most scorn and gossip if you do one teeeny weeny socially unacceptable act (in accordance to the Education system's standpoint ofcourse)

I've been wondering for quite some time.. would all my piercings be acceptable in school?? the piercings on my ear and worse still.. my tongue?? Do i have to take them off wtf lol?
Like seriously, gosh. what if one of my students saw my "partying faces"? haha. that'll be the shiznit i tell u.

Being the conservative one *coughs, it would be really weird having a colleague, superior or even subordinate seeing these, Don't u think?
Imagine your student saying this: "Wah cher! dam sui oh yesterday party at Balcony hor??". fml
For me, i let out and play as much as i want when im with friends, nevertheless, I would say Im well rather well-kept and reserved in school or in the office(in the past). To strangers, i would be the introverted one. That's because in that context, I want to gain a reputation as a responsible, hard-working, and smart individual; not some smart alec who smacks your ass, gulps down the last shot of chivas, and proceeds to dance on the table.

Ofcourse i don't do that :) haha but im only making an extreme example.
All in all, i want a different standing in different situations..... come to think of it.. who doesn't?

23:02 Shimmerloved

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