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Wednesday, 3 September 2008
♥; procrastinating

haha i've just deleted a post a made a year ago.. while i was working part-time.. all i can say is LOL.
glad im not in that position atm..but all in all.. it was a nice experience

wait.. what m i doing here ranting on all these..its 3am and i should have my ass back in bandar for lectures tomorrow morning..

LECTURES.. during Puasa period...

my stomach will be extremely happy singing tunes of all sorts tmr..
lol i sound as if Im not allowed to eat.. but im really not sure if the canteen is open.

im well in need of it. but Never get to it.. ever. well once.. way back in secondary 2 or 3.. i exercised every single day, applied slimming potions.. and cut back on my portions of rice (i love rice)
OMG earth to Tan.. who was I!!! lol

Im a slacker and a Queen procrastinator.. hail to dear ol'me. not to mention super UN-independent. I dare say i would be in a totally different position right now it if i wasn't so lazy.

I would now be doing Fashion design in Laselle or Raffles in Singapore or KL ..
kns, why did i give up on that chance?!........oh yes. because i was in a midst of indecisiveness, as always, and i was afraid of taking risks, and because I was afraid of being alone, and afraid of losing to my own battle, having to compete with so many other creative brains better than me. foreign brains again.lol. yes Im afraid of my own self..

I really need to get motivated.. I want to be like a proper motivated student who actually studies in a CONSISTENT manner and time-schedule.
All these years, what i do is.. go for classes (or not), take notes, get darn serious and interested in the subject, and make a goodie goodie mental note to revise after class. After that it all goes downhill..no matter how engrossed I was in the 60 minutes of the lecture.. all would be forgotten when the bell rings.
Then it comes to part of last-minute studying..yes la. Study, not Revise. Im lucky i can think on my feet during exams. cheee.....
Why should a person be That lazy.. eager question to be answered.. is Laziness INBORN.. as in an innate trait? wtf

I really really adore Darren Ng of the Singapore Slingers..It takes enough effort and determination to be in a position that he is in in the world of basketball... but bring in the Medical degree?? Dam talented can!! And apparently he plays the piano too..definite auspicious future. if u're looking for the Perfect boyfriend (superficial wise lah).. he's the man.

Looks wise, i opt for Marcus Ch'ng.. where's my I Heart Marcus t-shirt?.. HAha. He's such a charismatic fellow..just look at the 2000 photos he's taken with the adoring public.. can u spot even one that hasnt got a smile in it.
HAHA..fun to have eye-candies... cuz they're just.. that.. it doesnt get to a deeper level that you know too much to be disappointed in your supposedly fabulous creature that you sooo yearn. LOL

I should be doing my research on Euthanasia.. discussion on Thurs.. and I havent gotten around to buying the supposedly Fast but slow as Snail broadband thingee yet..so yea, NO internet :(. dang

03:01 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com