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Wednesday, 24 September 2008
♥; Disappoinment
The feeling of disappointment is certainly... disappointing. Tautologous i know.. what more could you think of in the wee hours of the nite, feeling sorry for yourself.

I would be considered someone who jumps on a spontaneous idea straight away if it sounds like fun. Nevertheless, what i fail to commit to memory is the fact that most conjured up proposals like these..especially in my culture.. are just fickle thoughts of the mind that never really get realised. And in most cases, it would straight-off be an indecisive course all the way through. When someone is faced with disappointment in a certain area one times too many.. you can't help but feel frustrated and never succumbing to another stupid idea again.

It's quite funny to see how we can't even handle minute decisions. what more take on heavy-weights like.. family responsiblity or important corporate tasks.

Hence, i've come up with a rationale..that is to
Think before you Speak.

Don't start thinking ..poooh.. ..This is strongly cohesive with making frutiful decisions and also,in reality, i don't think ANY one of us has mastered this..
How many times have you started talking to somebody when u've realised .. "what an ass!".. or when you urself has blurted out TMI? you get me.

Come to think of it.. isn't Effective communication the raison d'etre of Speech?
Sadly,communication errors are what we deal with most of the time.


03:28 Shimmerloved

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