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Thursday, 4 September 2008
♥; Death
Have you ever thought about the issue of death?? well, not necessarily suicidal thoughts.. but death itself..
Im sure many of you must have experienced a loved one having to leave you or cases of the sort.
It was our group's turn for the panel discussion today.. and we chose to talk about Euthanasia. Quite funny how we got from doing children's book review to the position of women in our world today.. to this week's debate on Euthanasia! Guess what's coming next week.......... fat fat fat..NOT
yeah.. Anorexia. i would love to hear on that one..k. hold my thoughts.. back to.. DEATH

if you were diagnosed with terminal illness.. were in atrocious pain.. non-ceasing suffering.... just the opposite from your normal healthy bubbly self.. Would you choose to leave the world in dignity.. a.k.a.... undergo Euthanasia?
while I was up there today... i really couldn't take on a firm stand.. i mean.. i cannot bear even the slightest thought of pain.. what more having to endure pain itself... but if i was to undergo this assisted suicide.. it would be sooo agaisnt the teachings of Tao.. which presumably, correct me if im wrong.. believes that if we take our own lives.. it'll be negative karma and things of the sort..

I never really took this topic to a personal level.. up until one of my group mates got a little touchy.. and it really did shock me.. and made me think how being able to live a healthy life is a treasure by itself...

Do your part today.. start appreciating the glorious life of yours! :) :)

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