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Friday 27 December 2013
♥; Goodbye 2013
Bidding goodbye to 2013

You have been so kind and generous to me:

I thank you for a supportive family

I thank you for the best and only partner that could stand my tantrums

I thank you for financial stability to travel 
(Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Melbourne, Manila)

I thank you for miraculous opportunities

I repent for not being what a good daughter and granddaughter should be

I repent for not valuing what I have

I repent for not being the best person I could be

For 2014, I aim to be happy.

A simple adjective; but takes a lot of persistence and selflessness to achieve (for me at least)

Forget the past, be contented with what you have, stop worrying, give without expecting, be organised, and count your blessings.

Let's value happiness shall we? :)

23:12 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com