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Tuesday 30 October 2012
♥; Random Pictures from Perth and Melbourne
 Love my red bowler hat. Bought from one of the shops from Melbourne Central for 30 AUD

 Chocolate dipped Strawberries!! I think these two cost 5AUD

 Macarons at Brunetti. So pretty

Cappucino from Toast

Curtin campus with le sis

Reflection at Hotel Lobby:)

20:13 Shimmerloved

♥; Rant

One thing I'm dying to say to all the lazy assess I work with.

It's not about how indifferent some of your superior are.
It's not about how your job scope doesn't match your ideal job
It's not about how supposedly stupid the management is.
It's not about how you hate this particular person you work and how he/she supposedly gives you a hard time

It's about your personal growth!!

It really doesn't hurt to go out a little of your way to help others, or the very least, DO your part.

Why do some people just sit there and laze the day away?

Why do some people doze into their own sweet reverie while others are going mad trying to finish off a deadline?

Does it hurt to ask, "Do you need some help over there?"

I do complain, a lot too. But I also know, by the end of the day, I am doing my part in helping the team complete a task with the bonus of having transferable and skilled knowledge up my sleeves!

Why can't they see that????

Does it feel good not knowing anything when people ask you for advice?

Does it feel good going to work everyday and youtubing/ surfing your goddamn life away?

Does it feel good trying your best to be invisible so people don't ask you to do work?

You can learn to love your job for god's sake. Give 2 years ago I'll rather be beheaded than step into this line of work. But today I'm proud to say I'm good at different aspects of my work and even some that are not under my scope.


19:54 Shimmerloved

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