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Tuesday 13 March 2012
♥; Reporting as a Functional Analyst
It has been almost a year. 
I am doing what I have always thought I could never achieve;
Actually having a sense of direction (Behold, I am slowly conquering my spatial/navigation disability!)
Working in a Tech field (O.O)
Liasing with Clients and actually knowing what shit I am blubbering about, or at least, have to confidence to blubber shit wtf

Living alone has remained the same, and I love every bit of it. Though I do have stories to share about a crazy housemate T T

I have still been on the search for a better paying job. But as a typical me would have it, I have turned down several (government) interviews because :
1) I need to fulfill the gratification of completing a project
2) I have been giving myself excuses that I am tied up with work
3) I am confused

It isn't easy being part of a project team with a severely tight timeline. Sometimes, the whiny me would think of amount of work I had to manage, and the financial reciprocation I get. The transition from having allowances and no commitments and buying what you want to.... to having to be independent, is a tough one. However, time and time again, I remind myself; this is just my first job. To think of the amount of experience and skills I have learnt to date and the wonderful (and some not so wonderful wtf) people I have met, (and it has only been half a year), is enough to amaze me. Clench your teeth, go through with it, and get all the experiences you need.  It'll pack back, I remind myself.....it'll pay back   .......


20:31 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com