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Sunday 22 August 2010
♥; The Sweet Sorrow
 My reflections on August 21 and 22

Dark, distant, and uninviting,
The sky never seemed to stop crying,
She bit through her tears,
And decides to stop trying.

Call her selfish,
Call her weak,
But the string of faith, it is dying

Reality evokes change,
So i go to memory lane.
It still remains the same,
And I dream laying next to you,
And you whisper to my ear,
"You will always be my dame."

Thank you for everything, but now i must awake.

02:06 Shimmerloved

Friday 20 August 2010
Faith is all that we needed. 

My reflections on August 18 & 19, 2010. 

Trials and tribulations, through and through,
Inside, i fight a waged battle.
I think, but I dare not speak.
Thoughts are befuddled.

Discontent, our brows furrow,
And descend, my trickles of sorrow

Disheartened we shall not be
As we hold onto love's string,
A string of faith
We will fight through this struggle.
The course of love,
It never runs smooth,
That's what makes it all so special.


01:34 Shimmerloved

Monday 16 August 2010

This is no new information but I will AFFIRM you that eating easily digested carbs or  "bad" carbs DEFINITELY make you fat! More precisely, bloat! The effect is more instant than instant indo mee.

For the past month(s) I have been wondering what was up with all the come and go bloatedness I've been experiencing. I could wake up and feel bloated the whole day, primarily on my face and my tummy. Rational guess would be the oily and carb-rich (AND CHEAP hehe) food I was having in the school canteen. Aww i miss the nuggets.

I thought that would be the culprit because ever since I ended my teaching practice all the bloatedness was gone! They would come and go but it wouldn't be as bad as before.
I couldn't pin-point the exact perpetrator because I ate so many kinds of food all the time but NOW I have seen ze light!
I was stressed out seeing the amount of assignments I had so naturally.... I turned to food for comfort LOL. Made myself 2 pieces of white bread with cheese and jam and in less than the time you would have to take to cook indo mee, I am totally swelled up! Ridiculous I know! The last meal I had was almost 5 hours ago so that wouldn't be a factor.

Oh mi god. Why is this happening? Am i turning old?!!! Does that mean i should stop taking bread and pasta and cheese and rice and all the food I ALWAYS eat anymore? eeeep! :(

00:35 Shimmerloved

Saturday 14 August 2010
♥; 10 worthless facts about Me

Our lecturer asked us to come up with a Prezi about ourselves for the first week of lecture. Uh oh.

Below is what i came up with after hours of experimenting and procrastinating. A rather silly one i might say LOL.It looks better on the Prezi site, some of the positioning are off here. BOO! Anyway, here it is :)

This year's August is gonna be bittersweet.
Bitter = Koibito and some close ones are not gonna be around
Sweet =Goodies!

I'd just spent 4 hours deciding on which contacts to get and in the end opted for a blah grey LOL
Too much Libran in me fml
I still love my brown lenses but I've been buying so many consecutive pairs! My decision was challenged with thoughts like stick with what complements you vs go for a change! Experiment! and  Compromise compromise compromise!

LOL now you know how confused I am

Anyways, this is how I look like in my brown lenses. :)

I like the fact that they're natural.looking, the look I always end up going for.
Sadly, my features do not allow me to experiment with different styles of makeup, it tends to lean towards trashy if I'm not careful. > <

Now why did I buy grey lenses again?


06:41 Shimmerloved

Sunday 8 August 2010
♥; ~**~

My last semester, i'm surely gonna miss it.
I think I have grown that much over the year.
We can always be a kid at heart, but serious times call for serious measures

I wish everyone a great monday ahead!
7 hours of lecturers for me ^^''

22:49 Shimmerloved

♥; I like cats,
                                        but i don't like

16:07 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com