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Sunday 30 August 2009
♥; Photoshoot
Just got back home from mam's :) Had a siao steamboat at her place with Sandy, Bobby ker, Vivienna, Serene, Shieh Yee, and the guy scholars from UK lol wtf.

I was quite tired because i didnt have too much sleep the night before; after tea session with the LMLs i went to Krystal's house for a sleepover!! She texted me on the morning/ noon (i forgot) of August 28th wishing us a Happy 828 and i promptly forgot about it! :X
828 is a very special date to us, 4 years ago, it was the day i got attached (hahahha) and played dolled up at her house (which i always used to do) and slept over at her place. :)

So after Actually sleeping over at her place on friday night... THEN i realised this was like a celebration for our anniversary! Just call me super blur.
Anyways, it was really fun...It was like my photoshoot all over again, although mine was an Ethereal , dreamy (gag) themed one and this one is the complete opposite. I just Love doing these stuff.:)

After helping put her on makeup, which made her cute single-lidded eyes HUGE, we chose the outfit, and proceeded to the photo taking.
Here are some of the shots :

( i don't know why this one turns out crooked when i upload it to blogger:/)

Compared to taking pictures, i have a very specific vision in mind when editting them; what i perceive of the picture and what i want it to bring out.
I don't know the first things about photography but i love it when a picture turns out the way i wanted it to be. Judging from the response in facebook, where i posted the pictures, i guess my taste and the others' (mostly guys lol wtf) tastes are distinctively different.
One of my favourite pictures would be the last one.and the second last one.
The last picture reminds me of the Kenzo Flower ad of Shu Qi.. but ofcourse, that's a different portrayal alltogether. This one is more Red Light District-ish, yet basked in elegance.
Ahhh. this is not what i perceive.. i'm so bad at describing..
Anyway, this also reminds me of what mam said to Sanny just now.. she was teasing his gf about him going to Red light district to look for hookers but she said " those Chicken Town". LMAOOOO.

There are more provocative that i really like.. but as i said, provocative hahaha. If you want to see em, u gotta steal my pendrive.. no wait, I lost mine, and i broke my 1 month old hardisk. Poorrr me.

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Friday 28 August 2009
♥; Nice day
I had a great night with the girls and guys yesterday:) Some chill chill session at brabra's with some Beahhhhh.

Im seriously getting rounder and rounder. I took a pic one month ago.. bearing my midriff.. and it looked kinda okay and on Wedsday night, after eating an especially heavy meal at Li Gong..which cost me $35 T T, i took another pic.

I fainted and woke up 10 minutes later.

Lolol. Sarcastic ..but you get how big the difference was!!

I'm not usually like those girls (who're about half my size) who go " Oh my. oh no. im so fat. aw.. lookie you, you're so thin.. Lookie my thighs.. it's so so pudgy..whinewhinewhine"

When I say im fat, I"M FAT. and that's final! GOdammmit!

I literally feel myself EXPANDING after a heavy meal.. everytime! Serz!

Stuck at home doing Lit Review for half the day! gah.. but i'm enjoying it. :)

Sigh. 5 days have passed, another 5 days.. before i get to see koibito :)
I don't miss him all that much actually. hehe. ssshhh.

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Friday 21 August 2009
♥; Calm, poise, and balance baby
Karma gets to everyone.

Asnah mentioned to the prof comm students that she used to be a very good speller until she laughed at her then boyfriend when he spelt "busy" as "buzy". lol. sounds a tad ridiculous but really, when you feel you're losing you're touch or having that sulky day, it may just be Karma getting back at you.

My goal now is to up my Patience, and decrease my sensitivity to things i hear.

Sometimes i think i TTM. The first T here is central. That's what gets you the ignominies you're trying to steer clear of.

Anyway, as long as you have the patience and the immunities to negativities. All is good man.. All is good.


Got these while web-browsing:

"You are welcome to visit the cemetery where famous Russian and Soviet composers, artists, and writers are buried daily except Thursday." -- A sign in a Moscow hotel across the street from a Russian Orthodox monastery.

"Let's skiing." -- A sign in a ski chalet in Nagano, Japan.

"Dah Wong Path." -- A sign for a park path in Hong Kong.

"Refund!" -- "Caution," as translated into Italian on a "wet floor" sign in an Italian McDonald's.

"Our staffs are always here waiting for you to patronize them." -- From an advertisement for a hotel in Tokyo.

"Please waste." -- Signs on trash cans in an amusement park in Osaka, Japan.

"The flattening of underwear with pleasure is the job of the chambermaid." -- A sign in a Yugoslavian hotel.

"You are invited to take advantage of the chambermaid." -- A sign in a Japanese hotel.

"Specialist in women and other diseases." -- A sign outside of Roman doctor's office.

"Is forbidden to steal towels please. If you are not a person to do such thing is please not to read notis." -- A sign in a Tokyo hotel.

"The manager has personally passed all the water served here." -- A sign in an Acapulco hotel.

"Not to perambulate the corridors in the hours of repose in the boots of ascension." -- A sign in an Austrian hotel catering to skiers.
(Fellow Semantics students: this spells OBSCURITY!:))

"Ladies may have a fit upstairs." -- A sign outside a Hong Kong tailor shop.

"WARNING: Tips for waitress not privilege off customer, and not optonal to do! Is custimarry and IS THE LAW for leave tips, otherwise is possibul to face prostection by law! Please be responsivele, leave tip and no go jail! Have a nice day!" -- A sign on tables in a Chinese Restaurant in the United States.
(Whoa dude, slowwth daunn. i geths u)

You did not report yourself by the Alien police. You have to do this in a short time, otherwise you get troubles! When you don't come to our office, we demand you to come! And when you don't come again, you maybe have to pay a fine, and it is possible that you will be expanded." -- A letter sent by the Rotterdam (Netherlands) foreign police to someone who did not show up for a registration appointment.

When learning English, sometimes being close is still very far away
Lol. good day to all

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Thursday 20 August 2009
♥; Woootsss!
WALAOOOOO. Internet deprived taooooooooooooooo... mother also don't recognise ah.

Yay i have wifi here in the "interim" house, aka cuzzy's place. Guess who taught me that word. hahahah. who know who you are. bluek.

It's been a hectic but Fun week
On Monday, went to Hashimoto san, Japanese ambassador to Brunei's farewell in the Senate room for awhile then stealthily departed to mam's car. Cuz i forgot to bring my toothbrush, facial cleanser, shampoo, and conditioner up and i had to buy a whole new set. I lost count of the times i forgot to bring something when i pack up ;_;. (Update: when i reached to ground floor, the guard on duty gave me a humble smile and greeted me "Good morning".it was 7pm. hahahahahhaa)

Speaking of the things i forgot.......... LOL. Please bear with me, it's my blog anyway.
I forgot to wear a BRA to class. ()*#@$(#$*(#$*&#. LMAO.
I was wearing this woolly kinda top so the material was quite thick, and i didn't know what'd gotten into me that i didn't think of wearing a bra. So, i just went up to bandar like that. Usually when i arrive, i leave my luggage in the car and bring my facial stuff up to my room, and quickly go for class.

That was what happened on monday too, the luggage was in my friend's car, and i was stuck without a bra. T T
In dire times of need, a girl has to Improvise... lol
I'm not gonna go into details on how i did it here because it'll sound so weird but basically, i went through a WHOLE day WITHOUT wearing a bra in uni. lololol. Sandy said if she goes out without a bra, her boobs would be at her stomach already wtf.

Ok enough of dim-witted stuff. On Tuesday, i was stressed to the core. Mainly because of the unimaginable amount of assignments i was presented with. FUCK LE 321*
Went gym in the evening. I didn't apply for the monthly membership because i'd mostly be in KB. Thinking that $8 was gonna allow me access to use the machines, go for aerobics class, and also the sauna... was sooo wrong. T T

If you do not have membership, you would have to pay $8 for using the gym, $6 for aerobics class, and another $6/$8 i forgot for using the pool/sauna. And the membership for students is only $45 per month! FTS

The aerobics class only starts at 6pm and i arrived at 5 and i didnt wanna waste my money for one bloody session so i waited on the couch for an hr. LOL. Thank god for companions.
Ok.. so this is dim-witted stuff anyway.. ;_;

On WEDnesday, i went for the BJFA orientation and had lotsa lotsa fun! We player kid games but well, one needs to be a kid once in a while:) When you lose a game, they draw lines or funny scribbles on your face using washable crayons. When i arrived back at the dorm, a girl was giving me The look when i walked passed her door.
Nabeh.. just finished shower still got eyeliner on u think you very pretty ah?
When i got back to my room then i realised i've got a green streak on me face which looked like those streaks which u accidentally mark to your face when you have your pen in your hand.


Ok, i guess this whole post Is about dim-witted stuff. My life revolves around them. Bye

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Thursday 13 August 2009
♥; 813
It's gonna be an exciting/tiring/emotionally-draining day tomorrow.


Wish me luck people. I'll appreciate it. lol.

Btw, i'm so into electro-pop theseadays. hahaa. Somebody Dance with me!

i WANT bandage heels..although i have no space to put any more shoes.

and and. i have mad LOVE for

MATTE NAIL POLISH!!! Why haven't anyone told me about these before?
Please buy the blue one for my birthday!
I suppose the white one would look like Blanco hahaha wtf.
And when i wear the brown one if people piss me off i'll shoot them a huffy stare and recite,
" You DOn't know Jacques!" @@


I miss someone. well, at least i get to see him for 15 minutes today :)


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Wednesday 12 August 2009
♥; What i really think
Thank god for internet!

Argh i'm getting fatter. All the weight i lost over the holiday, which i REPEAT, i do NOT know how they managed to disappear pftt, are all coming back, pound by pound. @@

I'm not usually a girl who whines over these stuff too much. In fact, i Detest girls who don't eat and later complain of gastric pain or incessantly complain how fat they are or how I eat one bite less of those fries than them and blahblahblah yakyakyak AHH SHADDAPPP.

Mind you, i do whine but not Ceaselessly.

Hmm, have been linked several times.

The thing is.............................and it might sound funny/weird/idk.
Although all my posts are structured and written in such a way that it seems like it is Intended for a reader other than myself, I did start out me this lil space for Meself and it's all meant for me; like reading my own magazine wtf.
I do link to giveaways but those people are 100000 miles away from me and don't know me personally.

Other than that, i do feel a bit uncomfortable having mutual friends reading what i write.
I have come to an understanding that i'm not very good expressing myself verbally. That is why i ramble through words, in my diaries, which i have stopped doing, and here.

Now, i feel like my space is invaded. I admit i am fickle in a sense and i Hate being judged, unlike some who say as they please.

So, If you want to read what i write, keep your opinions and judgements to yerself.:)

Have a good day everyone! Dinner with me sexy ladies on Friday, can't wait!!!

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Saturday 8 August 2009
♥; Oh no bitch alert
It's a saturday!! and guess what. I'm FREE on saturdays. FInally, after 4 semesters of envying people who had a day off of school and had lots of free intervals in between, I get one too! hahaha!
That also means i have to do more chores at home. ;_;

Anyway, yesterday me and brabra went to the gym at 4. Halfway through our sweating session, a RTB crew of 3 people came. We didnt give two hoots to them as they were prolly doing an advertorial or some shit. But after they took some shots.. they began to shoot at the people. A full Back Coverage of Brabra yo!!! HAhahahahaha.

When we went upstairs for the aerobics session and they were there too!! The stupid cameraman took a whole 2 mins of me face and then me legs too! FTS!!! When he left he told me, "Thank you ya"
Ofcourse i know when it'll be aired but i don't have RTB (i think) so yea.

Ok swift jump to another topic.

Lately i've been thinking about social etiquettes. Ofcourse All of us know about the basic ones. But sometimes don't you just feel like slapping someone in the face because what they said were kinda egotistical.. unnerving... offensive.. but they don't even realise it themselves. :/

You know when you're talking to a person on a certain area that you know you fare out much better in, and don't wanna seem like a know-it-all so you just cut down on your say of the ideology or technical terms and stuff.... Well, I'M that kind of person.

Social etiquette #284, there's no need for elaborate detailing/ bragging about VAGUE prospectives or things that you DON't have, same goes for things that you have wtf.

I've been trying really nicely to seem unbothered, but pls, have SOME modesty!!
Sometimes people try to showoff what they supposedly know but give the wrong detailings/pronunciation/wtv
So much as i would want to correct them, sometimes i just keep quiet, or try to act excited too wtf.
Well, even if it's on an area that you know more about than I do, so what?

*Social etiquette #73, when talking to a person, please take in their body actions too rather than bragging your head off.

Although i admit i like to yakity yak yak to my girlfriends a lot, well, that's because they're my girlfriends and we like yakiting :)

Other than that, i do think i'm pretty well-kept, even to them.

People, have some humility. Amen

That's all


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Saturday 1 August 2009
♥; Another new step in life + Giveaway
Believe it or not, almost 3 wondrously beautiful months have passed by and Imma be on the way back to Uni in 50 hours!

A TOP LML I am. haha.

Seems so surreal. I'm excited yet dreading it.
I'm having trouble planning where the HELL to put all my clothes.
Normally, for uni, i pack up 4days of clothing, and that.. takes about..1.5 hours? haha

80% of my Clothes and shoes are packed in boxes/ plastic bags, and i've been having enough trouble getting them out for everyday use, not to mention packing them up for uni.Moving house is So unpleasant. gahhh.

Less luxury time with koibito too. Will certainly certainly treasure all the good times we had within this period. <3

Sometimes, i'm really such a bully. I will guai foh hei gung/ summerslam/mandible claw koibito if i'm annoyed at him. eeeee. I have a lot to say but imma skip it haha hm. i love you bibi

Anywayss! Last few days to play with all our might!

Giveaway alert!

Nu Nu doll (who reminds me of Flo :>) is having a fantastic giveaway from MAC's Graphic Garden collection!! i'm loving the palettes. I will die if get the Fresh cut palette! M loving lilac a whole lot! haha. so excited wtf.
More details, click HERE

Imma sign off now. Muahs all :)



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I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com