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Friday 26 June 2009
♥; Giveaways!!
Yin is disappointed right now. I so so so want to watch Transformers 2. Sigh. Empty promises ~~
Anyway, to cheer myself up, imma enter More Giveways!! Hail to Giveaways!!

First off

1) Stephie J's giveway.
Prices include:

I'd want that IKEA picture frame, and the D&G body lotion, and everything in that pic!! Will make good additions to my t0-be room! They say throwing out junk leads to good fengshui, but i feel terrible parting with me stuff. When i chance upon an old memorable item I can spend all day reminiscing lol, that's why my room is not even HALF cleared after so many days.
Anyways, click here to Join!

2) Nancy Lauren's giveaway!
Prices include:

Drooool! Especially the Lancome lippie! Lots more Yummy prizes. Click here to view her blog and join!

3) My sweet fix's giveaway giveaway giveaway
Prizes include:

There are loads more yummy prizes. Check them out here! Don't forget to link me if you join:D

As usual, i hope i win! that'll refrain me from buying any make-up items next month *wiggles brow.
Influenced by koibito: need to save up! :)

EDIT: joining the giveaways did me justice! lol. i AM going to watch Transformers2 tomorrow. i YAY! i hope it doesnt get messed up again. *lucks

RANDOM: Here's mememe on Halloween. i miss red lipstick!

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Wednesday 24 June 2009
♥; New Layout
New Layout!!
I spent the whole afternoon doing this. i know i suck. but i don't know the first thing about codings.

Alas, the skin i chose doesn't have a comment option. I tried conjuring one up myself and it showed on the blog but that's about all it did!! When clicked, it doesn't do anything! T T

Followers widget can't be used in the classic layout (which im using) also.

LOLOL. i suck.


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♥; Giveways + Blogshopping
They say third time's the charm, and yin is gonna enter yet another giveaway! 2 for that matter!

Topaz Horizon is hosting a giveway for her blog's 3rd year anniversary! Loads of Maybelline goodies:P
click here to check it out and join!

Beautiful with Brains is also celebrating her blog's anniversary. Lots of goodies that are not available here. would so love to try em out! Click here to join!


Fat chance for me to win but no harm in trying right! i love love love these beauty bloggers, so generous and helpful!
Maybe it's the Passion. Which is something i clearly lack. must.....be.....more......passionate.....wtf

One thing i just realised. There have been a ginormous increase of blogs selling stuff in Brunei.. Maybe there always've been just that i sakai wtf. Besides the clothing blogs that have spun up like fleas to a mutt, there're also other more interesting ones.

I think all these women (generalising lol) are very very smart and business savvy.
It's very cliche to start up a online-shop/blog thingee but some of em are really interesting!
From my random browsing tonight i came across various sites but the ones that got my attention were:

1) the one that sells Shoes (somewhat like iWalk fashion kinda shoes, which i like. fyi: i once swore never to buy shoes from iWalk anymore. they may have the best looking shoes in Brunei wtf but QUALITY counts too godammit!)
fyi2: shoes from this site kinda expensive for a "no-brand" though.

the one that sells authentic bags/perfumes/watches and whatnots

3)the one that sells the usual apparels+ shoes+ cosmetics. Where i came across the fake MACS, okla not fake, when i asked she said high grade imitations o.O.
One thing about Brunei. Everywhere you go, you see imitation, imitation, imitation.
But GOdammit, imitation COSMETICS?!!!

Nevertheless, the girl states in the site that all other cosmetics are authentic (lancome, chanel, cameleon etc etc etc) :>

All in all, very interesting and cute sites but i'd rather buy shoes, cosmetics and the whatnots personally. More assurance plus, that's where all the fun lies no:)?
oh. Except for stuffs from Taiwan/Japan/Korea especially those beauty gadget stuffs and maybe even for cosmetics cuz i'm cheap like that hahah!

The 3rd site i mentioned sells Tsuya Tsuya mascara!!

Have heard great and not so great reviews about it. Can give it a go, Provided it's not so bloody expensive. Can buy two Dior Blackouts with that money!

I'm currently using this :

Relian Mascara (which proves my cheap theory when buying Korean/Taiwanese stuff wtf) bought from a lovely website, love almost everything there. The fibers do a great job of giving the fluttery/feathery effect, although it tends to be a tad messy when they fall on my face :/

IMO, it does a better job than my Lash Gorgeous Wing, which promises feathery eyelashes.. which, i assume. comes from volume.. But Volume i do not see :/
That's why when i first got to the Majolica stand in singapore i was contemplating whether to buy:

MM's Lash beautifying mascara frame plus.
I wonder if it's the same thing as the Lash expander frame plus. But same thing or not, this is definitely to LENGTHEN lashes:) I decided against it in the end and bought an eyeshadow instead lol.

Not gonna post up any names of blogs here but if you're interested you're welcome to ask:D

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Tuesday 23 June 2009
♥; Random
I feel like shopping!

i'm in love with the lipbalm. I want to try out the other products!

high-heels enthusiast converted!

nola wtf I still love platforms!!

so summery! i love floral prints and full line skirts.

brown messenger bag (Knox) to go with dress!

for dewy coverage. *big wet eyes

The above are mere blahs

1) We don't have Kiehls
2,3) Those are Steve Maddens you're looking at :(
4) I seldom wear dresses anyway, sad legs
5) Where to get a nice messenger bag anyway. Millimewah? wtf
6) Do i need to repeat number 1

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Saturday 20 June 2009
♥; rain rain go away
Princess is feeling down in the dumps today..
and there's no one here to lift her up

sniff ='<


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Friday 19 June 2009
♥; Sweet
Why do embarrassing things always happen to me? You know those times when you wanted to talk about someone but you ended up talking TO that someone instead?

Once it landed me a bouquet of flowers for Vday though:) I was whining to a girlfriend about this guy that i liked, whether he would ask me out on Vday or not, and i sent it to him wtf!

Anyway, I hope this sulky PMS mood will go away soon!

Well, koibito did something sweet, considering the fact that i don't think he's affectionate enough when it involved more people than me and him.

In his MSN, he put " The way sunbeams touch the grass"
FB status, "I want to kiss you the way raindrops kiss the flowers, slowly sweetly... Muahz"
On my FB wall, "I want to hold you the way darkness holds the stars, gently, nightly.. Muah"

All these are excerpts from the card he gave me for our 6 month anni. :)

I was grumpy cuz i was already mad at him for something yet he commented a funny (he thinks) line on the wall he posted to me earlier.
I wanted to complain to mam but i ended up typing it all to HIS msn box.


Anyway, embarassing things aside, in his reply, he told me something that i didn't understand at all.

He said, sometimes, life is just full of surprises, and requested for me to write my usual card for him. (we exchange monthly anniversary cards)

We were on the phone after that and I was still yelling at him cuz i didnt know what he meant, and he told me to check the usual stack of cards that i use to write out my cards for him;
I proceeded to take the first piece of card and saw this:

BOoohooo. Why you so sweet. I love you !

"Love me when I least deserve it, because that's when I really need it"


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Thursday 18 June 2009
♥; Bad
I'm on a verge to kill,
To eliminate a certain species of the human race,
A certain greedy, egoistic, cocky, sleazy, inefficient, and downright conceited species!


I think i have too many to kill, it'd look suspicious


Maybe I'll just sit in the corner and weep

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Tuesday 16 June 2009
♥; 5 days left
Pinkfish Pie contest

I'm entering another contest!!
I like her posts alot:)

click here for more info


The clock is ticking, and yin is panicking!

Just call me PRO crastinator.

Yin is happy= eat = gain weight
(disclaimer: when yin is sad, also = eat = gain weight)

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Monday 15 June 2009
♥; Changes in Life

Lulu is organising her first giveway! hehe.This is also the first giveaway that i will be joining!
CLICK below for more details!


I feel like imma have a change in life wtf.
I'm kinda whiny now cuz it's still at the early stages but i know it's actually quite a blessing.

I just don't take changes very well.. Everyyything has memorable value to me. Sobs. how the hell am i supposed to part with you??!!

Decisions, calculations, planning. C'mon, pls kick start the verge to do all these.

"It always seems impossible until it is done"
Nelson Mandela

Was reading an email today, and i reallly liked this:

"Great men say, "Life has to be an incessant process of repair and reconstruction, of discarding evil and developing goodness. In the journey of life, if you want to travel without fear, you must have the ticket of good conscience"

Repair and reconstruction is such a suitable phrase for this phase in my life now, both literally and metaphorically.

On another note, i feel like a happy housewife wtf! hahahha

The most beautiful thing is to see a person smiling!! And even more beautiful is, knowing that you are the reason behind it!

**This pic is a for illustrative purposes only because i am at the moment too lazy to put up pictures that are really relevant to this post**

Well! at least something for you to oogle at!!! come to meeee edwarddddd!!!~~~~

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Saturday 13 June 2009
♥; A closed mouth gathers no feet...............(?)
Sometimes, you have a feeling that high school never ends, no matter what age you are now.
Maybe in a sense.. we don't really grow up sometimes, we do things that we know will reap benefit to us, whether or not it'll cause some sort of harm.

One of the misdemeanors that plague the human race; manipulation. As I've said in a previous post, it is an art form. Most of us are part of these manipulative people one time or another and sometimes when you're in a serene mood you wonder Why you do it. It's an art of covertness, and most wouldn't even realise it. Well it's a cruel world out there; some say "a closed mouth gathers no feet". I agree to it to an extent.. but sometimes, no matter what you do, or in my argument, don't do, you somehow end up tasting toe nail polish.

I was reading up on the meaning behind the cherry blossom, and it kinda got me. For the Japanese, the cherry blossom symbolises the transience of life. Joys are temporary, but sorrows are also impermanent. Life is really too short to choose to be sorrowful innit?
This is frivolous, but, i wish the World would be a happier place. Don't hold grudges longer than you need to. You wouldn't care nor feel the need to care, but whatever you do, creates an effect, to an individual, to society, to yourself. Why make it a bad one?

This is a bitter post. Excuse my incoherence :) I'll end it with some amusing cartoons i got from an email. :)

P/S : "You don't have to expect people to agree with you" Thank you Peizz. it makes perfect sense!:).

From this afternoon, it finally struck me that Koibito is a really good "unmanipulator", arguing with him will make me wanna strangle him instead wtf

Mz Lily, thank you for following me!!! flattered:)

And.... i'mmmm offfff!!!

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Thursday 11 June 2009
♥; This is John Conner
Kinda infatuated with the Terminator Chronicles after i watched Terminator Salvation. Guess i was too young to understand the whole complex plot of the previous movies then. The one that i remember more vividly was T3-Judgement Day.. where Sarah Connor was institutionalised in a mental hospital or something and John was this cute rebellious teenage kid and where Arnold destructs himself in the end into a pool of molten lava.. ;'(.. See i remember! lol
I think i should watch T1,2,3 again wtf

because I DON'T quite understand why Kyle Reese is younger than John Conner in Terminator Salvation. I know there's a whole lot of time displacement things going around and different universe existing together but.. :? :? :?

can someone Pleasee enlighten me??

Gonna watch Angels and Demons this week. Ahhh.. never read the book.. so i think it'd be more perplexing. No idea :/

Monsters VS Alien is gooooood!!! S'farneee!!

I wanna watch Transformers 2! And Bumblebee. And Megan Fox. hehehe

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Tuesday 9 June 2009
♥; 090609
Just got back from singapore yesterday. Very very random and short trip but i had fun. Thanks to all my cuzzies :):):). Pictures all in facebook. I'll post em up here next time if i feel like it.
Didn't manage to get my Benetint. shucks.

Anyways, today is our 6 months anniversary.. or Half-year anni lol.

I passed my citizenship exam too! :D:D:D I miss SSS P31. Hope everyone there will pass too!

shimmer loved

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Friday 5 June 2009
♥; Packing
It's dawn and i'm packing and i'm packing and i'm... packing.
The numerous weekly packings for my stays in the hostel apparently never improved my skills.
i like to take my T I M E :P
but i'm kinda sleepy............ :/
but not really cuz i'm in the midst of a wardrobe crisis..... :S
I just love being indecisive :D

I'll only be gone for a few days.. but i'll miss this guy

Versace does him good:)
You can see that he's TRYING to act cool. gonna burst any moment those type lol

P/s: i just lurrrveee the yahoo questions/answers function. Gosh those people are faaast! So helpful! (clearly dismissing the fact that they might just wanna get points lol!).
Dammit i'm in a bimbo mood today.. time for some girl power wtf.

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Tuesday 2 June 2009
♥; LOL
And so right, i'm just here..in the living room, on my laptop, with a white mask sheet on.

Dad: You don't look like you with that thing on
Me : *Indifferent*
Dad: Looks like someone else


Bro : Like snow white?

HAhaha. my bro.


i've been getting some sort of revelations these few days..these images have been randomly popping in my head since last monday... i think they're trying to reach me

to tell me: EAT MEEEEEE~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!

thin crust Hawaiian pizza, kiwi tarts, and peppermint mocha frap..

it's an omen that i'll never be thin wtf


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Monday 1 June 2009
♥; Night at the Museum
I watched Night at the Museum the other day.It was a really really nice movie, cuz in some ways it gave me a strong feeling of..of....
i'm really at a loss for words.

I especially loved the black and white scene. Absolutely enthralling.. reminds me of Pleasantville..the roaring 20's.. swingin' 50's..you get what i mean.

It's just the whole sense of history, the past and what it has led to US today that makes it so fascinating...... it's like reading a really good book.

Amy Adams is really good in the movie. I wanted to die when i watched her in Enchanted but her performance here is thumbs up.

Is it just me.. or does she look suspectingly like Isla Fisher?

who's who?

Anyway, coupled up with company with koibito, and witty lines through out.. i deem it one my of favourite movies :)

This song fits it all.. Fly me to the moon , by the legendary Julie London / the sweet Olivia Ong
in my playlist :)

In other words, please be true
In other words, I love you

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I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com