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Thursday 13 November 2008
♥; the scene
Afresh aroma of fried chicken escapes from the kitchen door. Ding! the bell rings;
" Number 14!", yells the lady. A girl dressed in yellow headscarf and a matching yellow outfit scurries towards her scrumptious meal, across other similarly dressed young girls. Some of them are watching the boob tube affixed on the wall, others are chatting busily or gobbling up mouthfuls of nosh. The rest have their eyes fixated on their lappies... and may just be writing the scene of a day in the canteen of UBD's female hostel, just like yours truly here:)


17:08 Shimmerloved

Sunday 2 November 2008
♥; Moonlight resonance
Just finished watching Moonlight Resonance yesterday. yes yes . very out.. but the reason i didnt wanna start watching it was cuz i know i'd get hooked on it.. and therefore, not be able to complete assignments productively. Later on, i realised it was facebook that wears the devil's horn, so whathehey.

Anyways..just some reflective thoughts about the whole drama.

Yes.. “drama” is a very fitting word. Not an episode passes without some kinda dramatic dispute….the best scenes are where someone divulges publicly the wrong-doings and dreadful anecdotes of a scheming tyrant..and everyone gasps and get friggin pissed. LOVE those scenes. M such a drama queen myself.. haha.

Besides that, I also love the heart-warming plot… enlightening the audience about the importance of family and unity. 家好月圆 I love their grandma.. my favourite quote from her “ chan dei lam la!!” lmao..really

Lastly, without doubt, the romantic scenes never fail to get me touchy.管家仔, committed, romantic, family-oriented, empathetic, caring… sighs. And im just listing the inner-qualites..

Here’s a nice song from the series. AsianEU.net_DNR.Ice.Cream.mp3


You talk to me
You speak with me
Don't sink before you rise baby
Don't fade away
You hesitate
You seem to wait
For all the time we had
Feels like a world away
Who's to say
We'll be ok
We're gonna make it through the night
Don't wanna wake up in this state
I just want us both to smile
Cause we're the same
And i know that we'll never change
Look i bought your favourite ice cream
I dont wanna see it melt away
If you walk out now
I don't know if we're gonna be the same
Baby just talk with me
Cause i want you to stay here with me
I want you to stay here with me


00:14 Shimmerloved

I made this video playlist at myflashfetish.com